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Bali Bohem

Blossom Tea - Booster

Blossom Tea - Booster

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Boost your immune system and energy levels with this multi-vitamin wellness tea. A mix of powerful ingredients formulated to help keep you thriving every day.
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  • Sleep quality

  • Immunity

  • Vitamin C

  • Relax Mind

  • Gut Health

  • Antioxidants

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Peppermint, Green Pearl, Stevia, Mitragyna Sp.


  • Daily vitamins and antioxidiants
  • Immune system booster
  • Energy boost
  • Enhance good mood
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Rich in antioxidant
  • Anti aging properties
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Benefits overall health

How to use

Use one teaspoon of dried flowers steeped in one cup of hot water. You can use a tea bag or tea ball or just strain the tea with a cloth. Steeping time is three to ten minutes; the longer it brews, the stronger it will be. Serve hot or cold.

Perfect time

Balanced, calming, and smooth, this flower-based tea was formulated to soothe restlessness and help you unwind before bed.

Important Information

This Blend has no harmful effects as such, but pregnant women and people with allergies must be cautious while drinking it and must always consult a doctor/dietician first.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives. Our high-quality teas have been made from fresh, unadulterated ingredients. You will find yourself pleasantly content with a pure brew of tea, made without any unnecessary preservatives or artificial flavors.

  • Peppermint

  • Green Pearl

  • Stevia

  • Mitragyna Sp.

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What does blossom tea taste like?

Tasting notes: both delicate and powerfully floral. Perfume of all kinds of flowers in your mouth

Does blossom booster tea make you energetic?

Blossom tea will help with lack of energy, as the elements of the blossom tea boost and strengthen your immune system. Have a tea, Start your day right !

How do you drink blossom tea?

Place the tea flower pods in the bottom of the teapot or mug and pour hot water 3-4 inches above it to allow the flower to fully bloom. Watch the tea bloom unfurl from its tiny ball into a beautiful flower. This usually takes 3-10 minutes. Stir tea gently to even flavor before drinking.

''Sip back and get your ZZZs on'' — Amanda

These blends were made to calm your mind, settle your body, and enhance sleep, naturally.

We're proud to develop and offer our finest quality selection of, flower-based & herbal teas that are certified organic – grown and processed without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We also certify that they are a pleasure to drink. This blend of ingredients is then brewed in the same way as your favorite traditional tea, either loose or in tea sachets or bags. By combining quality ingredients, blends can be created that calm, invigorate, or treat minor ailments.


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